Thursday, March 13, 2008

looking for help.. sleeping help for Harrison that is

First for my friends that just had babies are expecting soon, you need to know what I am getting ready to say is not normal of 1 1/2 year olds and you should not expect this to happen at your house :)
Harrison has never been a sleeper, between his milk issues and reflux as a newborn he screamed for 10-20 hours a day for the first 7 weeks of his life. Once we figured out the belly issues I was sure we would all start getting more sleep soon, but I was mistaken. We feed Harrison very often (every 1 - 1 1/2 hours) a little food for several months day and night to help with his belly so I first thought we had just gotten in to the habit of waking up, but he is still up many times a night. He has slept through the night 17 nights in 17 months but not in a roll, 6 of those nights were in a roll so I thought we were on track but it did not last.
Harrison goes to bed and down for his naps like a champ as long as he has his tag (blanket) and paci he lays right down and off to sleep land he goes. I always lay him down awake, do not rock, pat, sign, or give him any other aids.
We have tried, no light in his room, a lamp on, a small night light, fan on, fan off, toys in bed, nothing in the bed, many paci's in the bed, nothing seems to to the trick. My hope when he wakes up is to lay him down and walk back out, however recently I have been giving in and giving him a cup of water or milk to help him, I don't like this habit but sometimes you will do anything for a little sleep. I do not look him in the eye or talk to him when he wakes up unless he is really upset, and I only get him up if he is trashing in his bed screaming and I can not get him to clam down in his bed. I have tried to let him cry, and he does cry many night but he will cry, scream , for over 2 hours, he will cry till he makes himself sick. So I go in as soon as I hear him now in hopes that he will not wake all the way up.
In Nov. I keep a log for a couple of weeks to show the doctor and have started it again to take next month. His doctor thinks he is just not a sleeper and is having lots of night terrors, but does not think there are any breathing issues, which I will be asking about again next month along with maybe trying a sleep study. She has also suggested a toddler bed which we are hopefully getting in the next couple of days.
Below is log that was in a neat chart but I can not figure out how to get it on here :) If anyone has any ideas please let me know how my little guy can get better rest at night. He does for the most part do better at night when he gets longer naps during the day, the main reason he is still on two naps a day. He also seems to do better the earlier he goes to bed.
We do love this little guy with every bit of our bodies and are not complaining about taking care of him in this way, but something has to be wrong, and there has to be something that we can do for our little boy so he can get better rest. Again Ideas are welcomed.

Date and time to bed
Times up
What we did

SUN. Nov. 26 to bed at 7:30

9:00 few mins. Cry

11:15 about 30 mins cry
Paci and laid down
2:30 about 30 mins
Diaper, paci, laid down and left crying

4:00 about 20 mins screaming
Laid down, cover up. Rub face to calm down, paci

5:45 few mins.
Sippy of milk

6:30 up for the day

MON. Nov. 27 to bed at 7:45
Nap from 9:00-9:30/ 12:00-2:15 MDO

11:00 screamed about 30 mins.
Laid down, pat for few to clam then left him before he was asleep
1:15 few mins.

3:30 cry for 20 mins
Paci and laid down

4:45 20-30 mins
Sippy of milk

Sippy of milk

6:30 up for the day

Tues. Nov. 28 to bed 7:00
Nap 8:45-9:30/ 12:00-1:3o MDO

12:00 screamed 1 ½ hours
Diaper, got him up since he was so upset until he was clam, gave a sippy of milk and left him awake

2:30 20 mins.
Laid down, cover up, paci

3:15 15 mins
Laid down, paci, cover up

Laid down, cover up

Laid down, sippy of milk

7:00 up for the day

Wed. Nov. 29 to bed 7:45
Nap 8:45-9:30/ 1:30-2:15

10:30 20 mins cry with eyes shut
Laid down, cover up, paci
12:00 moaning for about 45min
Did not go in his room since he was not very upset

2:45 30 mins
Laid down, cover up

6:30 up for the day

Thur. Nov. 30 to bed 7:30
10:30 5 mins cry with eyes shut
Cover up rub face and left

12:00 20 mins
Laid down, paci, cover up
Nap 9:10-10:50/1:00-3:00
5:0020 mins.
Laid down, sippy of milk

7:00 up for the day

Fri. Nov. 30 to bed 7:30
Nap 9:30-11:00 2:00-3:00

2:00 15 mins
Laid down cover up

5:30 30 mins
Laid down, cover up sippy of milk

7:45 up for the day

Sat. Dec. 1 to bed 9:00

2:30 40 mins screaming and tossing
Picked him up for a few mins to clam him, laid him down and gave him sippy would not clam down without a cup of milk
Nap 9:30-11:00 3:00-4:30
5:30 15 mins
Sippy of milk

7:45 or the day

Sun Dec. 2 to bed 7:30
Nap 10:30-11:15 2:00-4:00

2:15 40 mins
Laid down, cover up, wet diaper

4:00 15 mins
Did not go to him, it was a clam cry

5:30 20 mins.
Laid down, cover up, sippy of milk

6:30 up for the day

Mon. Dec. 3 to bed 7:00
Nap 8:30-9:20 12:15-1:00 MDO

9:00 30 mins
Laid down cover up
2:00 1 ½ hours crying
Laid down and covered up three times in the 1 ½ hours.

4:14 20 mins
Sippy cup, laid down

6:30 up for the day

Tues. Dec. 4 to bed 8:30 (MDO program)
Nap 12:15-2:00 MDO

11:00 20 mins
Laid down
12:30 30 mins.
Laid down, cover up

2:30 20 mins
Laid down, cover up paci

4:00 20-30 mins
Laid down cover up

5:30 40 mins
Laid down, sippy cup of milk

6:45 up for the day

Wed. Dec.5 to bed 7:45
Nap 9-10:15 1:00-3:45

11:15 5 mins
Light cry, did not even go in

1:30 1 ½ hours
Laid down, cover up, paci again after 20 mins, after 40 mins changed diaper, after an hour gave sippy

6:00 20 mins
Diaper, sippy

8:00 up for the day

Lets try again

Small lamp on in his room before just a night light

Mon. Mar. 10 to bed 8:00
Nap 1:00- 2:15 MDO
1:40 15 mins
Lay down, cup, cover up

3:30 15 mins
Lay down, cover up

5:00 30 mins.
Lay down, cover up, cup

7:00 up for day

Tues. Mar. 11, to bed 7:30 (Grandma’s house)
Nap 12:30-2:00 MDO

11:00 – 2:00 (3 hours)
Tried to lay down, cover up, cup, diaper, then got him up and he played in the living room until he went picked up this things and walked to bed.

3:00 10 mins
Lay down cup

4:30 15 mins
Lay down , cover up, paci

6:00 up for day

Wed. Mar. 12, to bed 7:20
Nap 9-10 &1:00 – 2:15

10:00 30 mins in pain
Med, diaper, cup, held, tried to read to, rock, until he pointed to his bed and he laid down.

12:30 15 mins
Lay down, paci, turn fan on

1:15 15 mins
Lay down, paci , cup

3:00 25 mins
Lay down, cover, up, paci, rub back for a couple of mins to clam down

4:00 10 mins
Lay down cover up

5:30 20 mins
Lay down, cover up, cup

7:00 up for day

Thurs. March 13
Nap 9:30- 10:30 & 1:30 –3:30

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