Thursday, March 27, 2008

second post today... NO big boy bed tonight...

After over an hour and half of up and down and ball throwing over the baby gate, Harrison went to sleep tonight in the crib. I think I might try to move him, but waiting till he is good and asleep.

Last night he got up and ran to the fridge asking for Juice (aka milk) he had been out playing with John before bed so I gave him a little milk. He went right back to bed, a few mins. later back he came wanting more... I guess the excuse of "I need a drink of water" in embedded in us all, there is no way he has seen someone else do this. So tonight I put the gate up when we put him down. Was up and down crying for a while then he started playing quietly so I left him alone just to see what he would do. I thought he might decided if he was not getting any attention that he might go back to bed on his own ( I really did not think he would, but there was a chance right?) But this is what happened in stead, balls everywhere.

I let him sleep in about an hour this morning (which I know I should not do, but sometimes, you get sleep when you can) so he did not want to take his morning nap and took a long afternoon nap so then he was not ready for bed at bedtime. I know better and I will pay for that extra hour of sleep this morning tonight I am sure, but it hard to tell your self in after a long night of little sleep.


Hannah Fields said...

sorry the picture of the balls is too funny. kinda. probly not for you. well, i was watching the super nanny last night and they had the same issue. Grace didnt have a problem with her big girl bed but we will expect micah to have a much different experience. Grace didn't know how to get out of her bed by herself so I think that is what kept her in it. However boys are a TOTALLY different story. Micah is already a monkey. Good luck. I hope you all get more sleep soon. ooh. ps. my sis in law is coming over tonight. I will let you know about this summer tomorrow.

Anonymous said...