Thursday, March 27, 2008

things to consider when building a house that small children will live in...

Not much going on today, in fact we are still in our pjs at it is 1:00pm, well Harrison is still in his I have sweats on only because I had to take something out to the mailbox earlier. We are just chilling Harrison got up late so he will only take one Nap today so we are in for the day. Harrison has been going to sleep in his big boy bed and staying there until about 2:00am which is usually the second or third time that he wakes up in the night. This time of the night is the hardest for him to go back to sleep so I have been putting him in the crib at that point just so we don't play the game of seeing how many times he can get up and run around.

Since I really don't have anything to update I thought I would shared some things that we have discovered in out house that don't work with small children. We we bought this house we worried about the fire place, the glass doors but that has not been an issue. However if we build a house we have learned a few things about floors and doors.


First the bathroom shower door... I am not a fan of shower doors anyway but it is SOOOOOOOO hard to give a little one a bath when you can only reach half of the tub. Also our doors are mirrors, which I don't know who thought that was a good ideas right next to the toilet but anyway, they show every finger print, and since I take Harrison to the tub right after dinner his hands are not usually the cleanest!

Second door knobs... When we bought the house we really liked these knobs (the top right pictures) but there is no way to keep them shut with little hands. They are so easy for Harrison to open. We really only worry about the bath rooms at this point, since we all know he likes to play in the toilet water. One good thing is there is no locks which means he can not lock himself in a room, but we can't either we we need to take a shower etc.

third closet doors... again remember this house was built in the 70's so most of you won't have this type of closet I hope. This is Harrison's closet. There are three doors on tracks but you can only open up on door at a time. So the picture on the left is as much we can open at a time. There is also no track on the bottom of these doors so Harrison thinks it is great fun to get the bottom of the door and try to pull it up from the floor.


These hard surfaces are great for cleaning up after little ones and I would not put carpet down in living areas but these choices have issues.
The first one on the left is my kitchen tile, White tiles shows EVERYTHING and the grout is so wide that things get stuck on there and it is hard to clean it up. We had Hardwood in our kitchen before and I loved it.

The second one, in the middle, is my foyer tile, again black shows EVERYTHING i.e. every footprint, every spec of dust etc.
The third one is cherry hardwood which we love the look of and a selling point for us buying the house it is in the living room, hallway, and all three bedrooms. I love how easy it is to clean hardwood, even thought with a dog, cat, and baby, I have to sweep at least once a day. The cherry is very very soft and scratches very easy. A harder wood would be so much better.
Ok just a couple of things I thought I would pass along in case you were thinking about building or redoing something and have little ones or will some day.

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Jim Lapic said...

I just wanted to pass along a little tidbit about the closet doors. You can now buy from Johnson Hardware sliding door hardware with an enclosed track with tricycle wheels that latch on to the top of the door. This way no matter how hard you try and lift the doors they will never come out of the track. This is the only sliding track hardware we sell with our doors as it is the only one we feel comfortable offering. As a father of 4 small children (6,4 and 2 year old twins) I understand the desire to make your home safe for children and this is something you can do even if you already have sliding doors.