Saturday, March 8, 2008


Who knew how much fun some snow could be!!!

We got about 8 inches of snow with drifts up to over 2 feet. So we had to play... We are hoping that tomorrow we will be able to make a snowman.

We had a big time doing a little sledding in the snow today. On our way back from Isaiah's yesterday we stopped to pick up a sled and this was all we could find but it worked perfect, Harrison could even take short rides in it by himself, he would just lay in the center and laugh. I only had my camera out for the first few minutes and I did put a scarf around Harrison's mouth and nose and that made him even happier. He did not like the snow on his face. We started out on the drive way then discovered the hill behind our house behind a shopping center and had a big time .

You will never believe what My husband got for Harrison today... I will update soon with pictures...

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