Sunday, March 30, 2008

Working in the Yard

We are trying to get our yard in order, which is going to take a while. I worked on cleaning out beds today, planting bulbs, and planting some new plants. John worked on getting all the outside lights working, which they have not till today. We even found out what some of the light switches in the house go to.. like a switch in the kitchen turns on a light out side, a little random but we have figured all out now.

We have some flowers starting to bloom, and planted some more today where we took out all the ivy in the fall. I don't have any after pictures at this point but we hope to get mulch next weekend if we can get everything ready by then and that will make a BIG difference.

Harrison Liked working in the yard and planting the flowers, he also liked to pick the flowers, and Jake liked to eat the flowers. It may be an interesting summer.

Working Hard with Daddy!

John Showed Harrison his first worms today... Harrison did not think much of them. He got them out of John's hand and threw them to the ground.

Harrison also helped me in the house today by sweeping. It was really cute and I did get some pictures but they are on a different camera and I have not downloaded them yet.

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Anonymous said...

Harrison; You are such a big helper working in the yard and flower beds.I hope when you grow up you are like your Dada and Mama and like to work hard outside to make the yard and flower beds look pretty. You keep on helping your Mama inside too,she also your help.I saw the pictere of your shovel that is a nice one,you can do a lot of work with it. You and Jake keep on being good and I will talk to you later.I love you a big bunch Papa.and Nini too