Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Busy week

Harrison are heading out this afternoon to stay with Aunt Angie tonight and tomorrow. I am going to go be with Nicki tomorrow and Harrison is going to play with his friends Elaina and Caden. There parents and John and I were big buddies before we moved and Elaina is just 6 days younger than Harrison. Thursday we are planning on dinner with Nini and Papa and a little play time for Harrison and Cousin Matthew. Then Friday after a short visit with Nicki we are planning on taking all three kiddos to the zoo if it is not raining. And we will be back home Friday.

Isaiah is in the OR right now getting a drain put in to try to stop his spinal fluid from leaking out. They will give him about a week to see if this helps if not he will be back in surgery to figure out how to stop it. So pray for him today and as his continues to heal.

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Anonymous said...

We had so much getting to eat dinner together, Harrison said Papa and pointed at me you could hear me holler a mile away. It made his Papa so happy to hear his little red head grandson say Papa.He did his best to say Nini but just quite could not say it. You should see this boy eat green beans he grabs them as fast as his Mama puts them in front of him.