Monday, April 14, 2008

Harrison and Isaiah Not feeling so well.

Thursday afternoon Amber and Rose left our house and we headed to visit with Isaiah and his family. Friday night Nicki and I had a Babysitter for both boys and Timmy was out of town so we had a girls night out, which we have not had since before John and I got married. We all came back to our house Sat. and and they planned on leaving later tonight. But a Bug hit us in a big way. Isaiah got sick first then Harrison then me, Nicki did not feel real well yesterday but is feeling better today. Needless to say we have not been a lot a fun to be around. This is actually the only picture I took of the boys in the 5 days we were together so you know we were sick. Tim came and picked Nicki and Isaiah up this morning so they could take Isaiah to the doctor and have him checked out. We are waiting to see what his doctor thinks it is before I take Harrison to the doctor.

Isaiah's Mid Face surgery is planned for this upcoming Tuesday the 22nd so please keep him, his doctor, his family and everyone at the hospital in your prayers. You can check on him at

By the way here is Isaiah drinking from a sippy cup, somthing new for him and we are all SO PROUD of him!!!

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Anonymous said...

We miss you guys and hope today you are feeling better. Isaiah is full of smiles and hope Harrison is soon!!!!