Saturday, April 26, 2008

I guess I can't leave Harrison in his room to play...

Today when I went to check on Harrison while he was playing in his room he had climbed into his crib and emptied his box of wipes (which would be is favorite toy if we let him have them ). He has not ever climbed in or out of his bed before but did at least three times yesterday. As you can see the side was down so that did make it a little easier for him. I think he did it because we leave his paci in the bed and he is only getting it when he is in bed so I guess he thinks if he plays in his bed he gets his paci too.

Harrison did go to the doctor yesterday for his 18 month check up and got three shots so he was a little grumpy yesterday. He weighed 28 pounds (50 percentile) and was 33 inches long (75 percentile). The doctor said all looked good and was not concerned about his speech and had nothing new for us to try to get him to sleep. He did have three good nights this week where he only got up once or twice but the last couple of nights he was back to getting up 4-6 times.

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