Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Just another day...

Harrison is so much fun. He does not like having any pants or socks on right now so if you notice alot of bare legs on the blog that is the reason. He found a basket in the linen closet yesterday (he had gotten it out a couple of other times but back before Christmas so I thought he had forgotten about it, guess not). This basket has all the band aides and tape and glaze in it so it was great fun to empty and fill the basket. He may not like pants and Socks but a hat is always a must.

Mom had asked me for a couple pictures of what is blooming in my yard, it looks so much better in person, I can't wait to get some mulch.

Jake likes to help work in the flower beds too.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for indulging mom. I look forward to each update on your yard and house. I'll get better look later in the month. "The Mom"

Anonymous said...

Harrison we are loving the little legs!!!!!!

Nicki and Isaiah