Tuesday, April 22, 2008


When I picked Harrison up from Mother's Day Out today we had to run to the store for a few things and he got this special Cookie. I was excited to give it to him when we got home, he really has not had many cookies maybe just one or two so I thought this would be a special treat but he took a couple of licks and then he was done. He was not impressed at all.
Yesterday Harrison was playing in his room so I left him alone after a few minutes he came to the kitchen with this juice box in hand. Yes it is empty. He had found it in on of his bags in his closet. I could not help but laugh and then I realized that he had took the straw out of the packet put it in the box and drank it all. There was a very small puddle in his floor from a little spill. Now we have the juice boxes for when we are out and about but I always put it in his sippy cup so he is not even used to drinking it from the box and I don't know that he has ever even seen one with the straw in it so I was kinda of proud of him too to figure this out on his own. He also has only started drinking from a straw in the last couple of weeks.
Isaiah is still in surgery he is stable but they have had to take 2 ribs to help with the mid face surgery but Nicki is not sure for sure what they are doing just yet. You can check on him at www.caringbridge.org/ky/isaiah

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Jonathan & Rebekah McGehee said...

That is too funny. Elaina loves juice boxes. If she could get her hands on one by herself she'd be so excited.