Friday, April 25, 2008

Yes we Meant to do this :)

Well we finally got the very large pine tree in the front yard down last night. This Sat. we will haul it off so right now our yard looks like we have had a bad storm. We have another tree to take down in the back yard too. We also pulled out 5 bushes right in front of the front door and need to pull everything out in the front but the rest will have to wait till next year, we can not replace it all right now. For those of you that have asked the Condo still has not sold but we do have a friend living it in for a few months so at least we can feel that we are helping out a friend in need.

This is the only before shot That I have of the front yard you can see the pine tree on the right hand side.

John Got this ring, a "Pride Ring" this week. We are so proud of him. Only the top 10% of agents get one so this is a big deal for him getting it in his first year. We are so proud of him.


Jennifer Burgett said...

Congratulations John!!!! We knew that you would do great!

Fred Parkhurst said...

That's MY son, you go for it John you well deserve it. Your Mother and I are very proud of you.