Friday, May 23, 2008

Balls, Shoes, & Pans

Last night John had a ball game, the first game of the season that has not been canceled due to rain. Harrison enjoyed playing with his balls but did not understand why Daddy could not come out of the dugout to play with him.
After the game Harrison did get to run the bases with Daddy so that made it a little better.
Today Harrison thought it was great fun to pull the baking pans out of the cabinet (since he can get in the child locks) and put them back up again. But as always at the end of the game they are all out for Mommy to put up.

I Know I forgot again about how to hold the camera but here a couple of videos from yesterday with Harrison and my flip flops.

video video
Please continue to pray for Isaiah's family, Isaiah is doing great and glad to be home but thier family has suffered a loss for more information visit there webpage

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Papa and Nini said...

Harrison; I have a hard time with those flip flops too. Every time I wear them,I have a hard time keeping them on too. Next time you go to a ball game with Daddy you yell at him and say" PLAY BALL". It looks like you have a good time with tour Daddy at the games. I will check in on you later. Love Papa and Nini, she is still sleeping.