Saturday, May 17, 2008

Busy week but not much to report...

I have had class all week and John was out of town for part of the week so we have been busy with different schedules, homework, and travel. I enjoyed getting out of the house everyday and feeling like I was really using my brain but I missed my little guy too. My Mom came up for a couple to help with Harrison on the days he could not go to Mother's Day Out which ended this week so no more school for little man till the fall. I think we have things worked out for a sitter here at home one day a week so I can go to the office and Harrison is going to have another friend stay with us about once a week so he will still get to play some with friends.

I don't have any pictures to share but a couple videos, the first ones are from this morning while I was cleaning the office. John said Harrison got into his bag and got out the juice box and put the straw in and started drinking. Then it got poured out and John put him in the highchair with a new juice box to see how he did it. so here are some videos from that, remember my camera does not have any sound on it. The last on is from one afternoon this week after MDO when Harrison and John were working the yard while I was at class and Harrison took a little time to stop and enjoy the Iris.

video video video video

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Papa said...

Harrison; You are such a big boy putting the straw into the juice box I can't do that. I like the way those flowers smell too.You look big as the flowers are tall. You just keep being the big boy you are.