Sunday, May 4, 2008

First Trip to the Zoo in 2008!

We finally made it to the zoo today. I have been waiting to take Harrison for the first time of the year when John could go with us. Harrison LOVE animals and I thought he would be so excited this year at the zoo. He did enjoy himself but was not as excited as we thought he would be but the it was crowded so he had a lot of people to watch too. We decided to head out to the zoo while John and I were getting dressed so for church and after Harrison was already dressed. So John and I dressed down for church some but Harrison was a little over dressed for the zoo, but I don't think he minded.

We had a really good time seeing all the animals at the zoo and Harrison still liked the birds the best. The Eagles he likes so much last year were up very high and he really could not see him but next time maybe he will be able to see them and we will see if he still likes them best.

Here are a few pictures from our first trip to the zoo last year! boy has a little boy changed!

Today while we were working in the yard Harrison had to help. First he helped by covering the new plants with mulch before I could get them planted then he helped by putting on my gloves and throwing mulch around the beds. He does what he sees or at least what he thinks he sees! We have about gotten all the mulch done, we need to go get a little more (this will be our third trip) but all the beds were just bare dirt and we have pulled up so much ivy and other goodies that we have had to define almost everything and a lot we expanded some too. I have been planting lots of stuff too so we will have have blooms throughout the year, and am about the point where I can start planting annuals and get some color around here.

I don't think I posted the after picture last weekend of the front door after we pulled out the bushes so here the after at this point. Still need to add a little more but this is our new starting point.


Anonymous said...

What was his favorite thing at the zoo. I know Harrison and he had to have something!!! ....still the birds???


Papa said...

It looks like the trip to the zoo was a fun time for everybody.Harrison is becoming a big boy and so good looking.I wish he was here to help me with my flowers.