Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy to report Tuesday was a calm day!

Well as calm as it gets with a 19 month red head wonder running around! Harrison did get a hold of a pen yesterday while I was working on getting directions for John from the computer and he did mark him self up but I have not notice anything else that he has left his mark on.
Harrison is getting so big and acts more and more like a big boy everyday so I thought I better get a couple of pictures of my baby before he is a baby no more. Above he has is three favorite things, "tag", paci, and a sippy cup. He has been doing good about only having paci in the bed but these pictures were taken at bed time and I was trying to keep him up a little longer since I knew John was on his way home.
He LOVE to watch the birds from the sunroom windows.
I just love little footie PJ's they make me feel like he is still a baby but they will not be around much longer either, I think these are size 3T so I don't expect to find them much bigger. PJ's do seem to run very small, and we get all of ours as hand me downs from Isaiah.

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Papa said...

Harrison; You are getting to be such a big boy and getting to run the bases with Daddy that had to be fun.