Friday, May 9, 2008

Harrison's Day!

Can you tell which picture Harrison is crying in and which one he is laughing??? Might not be to hard to tell but they are pretty close and he can go from one emotion to the other in just seconds.
Ok, so thanks to Rebekah I figured out how to get video on my small digital camera but there is not microphone so there is no sound. This is also the camera I have so I can have it in my purse or Harrison's bag just in case so it is not the best quality and my house is very dark, anyway there are a couple of video below which I turned the camera on so you will see them sideways, I might get the hang of this one of these days.

The first video was this afternoon right before I laid Harrison down for his nap. I asked him if he was ready to go night night, he said yes, and went to get Jake's bed. I guess he wanted to Jake to go night night with him. But Jake was not in the sleeping mood.

Harrison really likes shoes too. He loves his cowboy boots and his rain boots and thinks he needs to wear one of them everyday. He also likes to play with our shoes and my flip flops have really confused him, since he can't figure out how to make them stay on his feet. Anyway I have been swapping out winter and summer clothes so I have a basket of summer shoes out in the bedroom and Harrison decided that he would give high heels a chance, you better look fast before John makes me delete this post :)

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