Sunday, May 18, 2008

I forgot something

Ok, I forgot to put this is my post a few mins ago so this makes three posts in the last day but anyway, I did not want to forget to put it on here since I print the blog out as a journal.

We tried the potty for the first time today... He sat for a while then stood up and went on floor so we went and put him right back on and we did get a few drops in the potty so I guess that is a start. He has been pulling on his diaper as he is going and telling us he is stinky when he is dirty. then this morning... I did not snap the legs of his Pj's back up while he ate after I changed hi diaper he went playing while I ironed his clothes for church when I walked into his room I smelled a dirty diaper so I went to get a diaper and wipes and saw a dirty diaper on his dresser so he went running though the house peeing all the way and remember he was dirty so that was on the floor too, and Jake was following behind him trying to clean up for him, needless to say we had a mess, I was so glad John was here, even though I am sure he was not happy to get woken up to my screams and walking out to the mess.

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