Sunday, May 25, 2008


The other day Harrison decided it was time to rearrange his room and starting moving all of his furniture by himself, you can't tell by this picture too well but he has both beds pulled about 2 feet out from the walls.
Above is just a picture of Harrison and his new best pal (the monkey) watching TV. When we were at the zoo the other day Harrison saw these monkeys and got so excited, and he has not let go of it since, which you will notice in the pictures below.
I got this farm set at a yard sale yesterday and we cleaned it all up and had it sitting out for Harrison when he got up this morning. He sat and played with it for almost an hour.
My Mom came up since we had a long weekend and John was working Sat. to go to the zoo with us. We got there when the zoo opened Sat. morning and had a great time since we were there so early there was not many people there and we got to see of animals that are in the buildings that we usually don't go see due to the crowd.

Notice the monkey

Since we got to the Zoo when it opened we were there about an hour before it got crowded so I let Harrison play on the playgrounds which he does not usually get to do since it is usually crowded and he is soooo fast.But he had a ball.

Last night we saw Isaiah for a few minutes at visitation and the boys were so cute. They have not seen each other except in pictures and talking on the phone for about 7 weeks and They were so excited to see each other. Isaiah could not keep his hands off Harrison and if Harrison turned around Isaiah would yell at him to get his attention back. Harrison was not going to be happy until Isaiah got down and played with him the floor out of his stroller so we gave in to that too. They were so cute.

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Papa said...

Harrison; No matter where a man puts any furniture the woman of the house is not going to like it,so you just might as well leave it alone. I think you had a good idea myself but you know how women are. Does your monkey have a name yet? He looks like is going to be a good friend but don't let Jake get jealous of him. Jake looks like he is going to be a best buddy for a long, long time. See you soon, I have your swing ready for when you come down.