Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lots of pictures from today!!!

Ok, so I have not posted any pictures in a week and I am getting caught up today. This afternoon we played out side and I had my camera out, John's favorite thing for me to have around :) .

We have been working with Jake getting used to a leash. He does not run off when we are at home but want him to be used to the leash when we have to take him somewhere. He is doing pretty good and he even when on a walk with us today. Harrison LOVES to walk Jake on the leash... Harrison is getting better with the leash too, they have both learned to how to not to get tangled up in the leash and how to pull each other down.
Harrison is starting to get tall enough to start to reach the pedals on his tricycle. When John asked him today if he wanted to ride his tricycle he went and put his helmet on. He knows that to ride his truck or tricycle it has to be on.

John and Harrison worked on filling bird feeders today too. Harrison really loves watching the birds and is starting to quack when he see a duck or goose but calls them goose. We got some more plants and flower this weekend too. We got some planted last night in the front yard but still have several things to plant.

Harrison LOVES balls, does not matter if it is larger, small, football, basketball, or baseball, they are all great to him. He likes to throw them and John is starting to work with him to hit with a bat too. He will get his ball bag out and put his baseball glove on and start throwing the baseball.

While we were out today Harrison went into the garage and got into Jake's crate, he thinks it is great fun for some reason, I have not figured this one out yet.

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