Friday, May 2, 2008

We are back home after lots of driving.

Harrison and I left home Wed. afternoon and after a few stops and errands along the way made it to Aunt Angie's house where we stayed Wed. and Thurs. night. Then during the day Thurs. and Friday Harrison stayed with his friends Elaina and Caden ( a big thanks to Rebekah for watching Harrison for me) while I went to visit with Nicki and Isaiah at the hospital. Thurs. night Harrison and Cousin Matthew and Meet Nini and Papa for dinner. So we were very busy and glad to see everyone but glad to be home too. I tried to get a picture of Harrison and Matthew but these were the best Harrison would let me get.
I enjoyed getting to spend time with Nicki and Isaiah and Isaiah looks so great. I was expecting more swelling and bruising but he continues to amaze me and everyone else that knows him. He did not however understand why Harrison was not with me and would shake his head no when we told him that Harrison was not coming. Harrison did send his buddy some balloons which were a hit. Isaiah is doing well, yesterday he decided he was ready to come off the vent and is going back on only while he sleeps. His drain that was place on Wed. is helping with the spinal fluid but he still needs prayers that this will continue to work so the doctors do not have to do anything else. If you want to check on him just go to If you visit his site don't forget to sign his guest book, Nicki reads them to him daily, he also loves mail.

Rebekah has posted some pictures of Harrison and Elaina playing on her blog and a video he taped for Isaiah today from Harrison to view them go to

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