Monday, May 19, 2008

What a day PART 2

I was talking to John and telling him about our day I forgot a couple of things that happened today in the earlier post. Along with everything else I listed... I have a compost in the back yard so I save food scraps, egg shells, veggie peels etc, and take them out each night. Well Harrison got a hold of the bowl today off the counter and spilled it all over him and the kitchen floor, Jake thought it was great fun, and the coffee grounds were on top. When I told John about this adventure I told him Harrison was covered in coffee grounds and raw eggs. John went on to ask why there were raw eggs in the compost bowl, well the answer is very simple, Harrison also pulled the egg carton out of the fridge today while I was getting his milk, so eggs went everywhere, hence why the eggs were in the compost bowl. We will see what tomorrow holds.

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