Thursday, May 22, 2008


Harrison and I went to the zoo today and had a good time. It was really crowded with end of the year field trips (which I have been apart of before) so we did not stay too long and it was hotter than I was expecting. Above is Harrison's favorite thing at the zoo our last time the Eagle was up high and he could not see him but today he was back on the ground and flapping his wings all around. Harrison thought he was Great. Harrison loves birds and I think this one is so neat because he is so big and you can get so close to him.

Harrison wants to get as close as he can but it is kinda hard to see everything while sitting in a stroller. I did get him out a lot but it is hard to take a picture of that when I am holding him and no one else is with me.

Harrison Really liked the Elephants this time, which he had really never paid much attention to before. The camels and lions were not out our last trip and he like the camels today too.

Yesterday after our walk the stroller was in the sun room and Harrison thinks it is so much fun to climb in and fasten himself into the stroller all by himself, lucky for me he can not get out YET! He is also figuring out puzzles. I got this puzzle back out yesterday and he sat there for at least 10 mins getting every piece in the right spot, picked it up bring it to me to show me and tripped and fell and the puzzle pieces went everywhere, and it broke his little heart.

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