Saturday, June 14, 2008

Cincinnati Children's Museum

Today we went to the Cincinnati Children's Museum. We got a little later start than we had planned but we had an GREAT day. It was so much fun. Everything was made for kids and Harrison could go from on activity to another. There was really only one place he could not play. There was not a big crowd so we could just let Harrison go as he wanted. He had a blast and was asleep before we got out of the parking lot.

BALLS, BALLS, and more BALLS...More things to do with little balls than you could ever think of. Buckets, pulleys, floating balls (center picture), windmills, oh how much fun. This was our first stop today and I was afraid that we would not get Harrison to move on to anything else. Which was hard to do but once he moved on he NEVER LOOKED BACK!!!

LITTLE SPROUTS FARM... all things a toddler will LOVE, slides, places to climb, cars, sand, drawing, dress up, box, locks, and balls.

KIDS TOWN ... Construction Zone, oh how a little boy likes tools, rock, and blocks (the big boy AKA Daddy had a big time too_

THE WOODS... Harrison to to play under the tree roots in this area. the first pictures is John and Harrison crawling trough the tree roots up about 15 feet above my head then they got to come the the tree trunk slide.

FUN FUN FUN in the water. The rain coat helped with some of the water but after this stop Harrison still had to have a change of clothes.

Trains, trains, and more trains. After we had all the fun we could handle in one morning we had one more stop before we headed home. We went all the wall up to the control tower of the train station to see the whole train yard. Harrison Enjoyed looking out the windows at all the trains. We even saw a couple coming and going. We had a such a good time.

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