Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fun with Cousin Samuel

Harrison and I spent a few days at my Mother's this week and got to have all kinds of fun. Thursday we played with Cousin Samuel all day and the boys had so much fun. We went to the park and played at Grammy's. I have lots more to update but am having computer issues so will update more later.

Grammy had fun sprinklers for the boys to play in and play they did. They had so much fun in the water, playing ball, and blowing bubbles. They got along so well and we all had a Great afternoon.

Harrison had is Doctor appt. last week to look at his sleep. The sleep doctor said he thought it was Night Terrors but he does a few things that he wanted to rule out apnea so Harrison will be doing an over night sleep study on the 29th which should be interesting. I will be there with him and they will monitor him throughout the night. The doctor did at least reassure me that we had done everything on our own and had done all the "right" things or what he tells people to do with children with sleep issues. He was not concerned about the first and last times that he usually wakes up they seemed more like terrors but the middle of the night (1:30, 3:00 4:30) is what he was more concerned with. So we are off for x-rays this week and getting ready for the study. Harrison also begins the evaluation process to check on his speech this week to see if there is reason to be alarmed with that.

Our buddy Isaiah is still very sick, he had surgery last week to remove the hardware from his mid face surgery and waiting for the infection to go away now. He is still very sick and needs lots of prayers as does him Mommy and Daddy.

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Freemad said...

I can't believe how much Samuel looks like Becki. Especially in that first picture.