Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day John

Happy father's day to the man we Love. Harrison and I are so blessed to you call you our husband and Daddy. You are everything we could ever want or need. You give us a wonderful life and so many wonderful memories. You work hard so I can stay home with our little red hair wonder and to give him a great life. We enjoy all the fun things we get to do together with you and know when you are not with us we know we are in your thoughts. I pray Harrison will be a provider just like you.


Anonymous said...

It looked like you had so much fun!!! We will have to go back to the aquarium with Isaiah.

We will keep you posted on your little buddy. Trying to fall asleep right now so I thought I would check on our favorite little red headed friend! So glad you guys had so much fun. Got several smiles out of me looking at the pics.

John: Happy fathers day. Hope your day was filled with lots of fun with Harrison.....we know how much he loves his daddy!!!!


Daddy said...

What a wonderful Fathers Day Card
I can remember back when I had a little red headed boy just like Harrison, who had to be with his Daddy every step he took.Oh how he loved to play in the mud.He also loved to ride in his Daddys truck and yell"Go YeeHa Dada go YeeHa" wanting his Daddy to junp like the Duke Boys did on tv.A show we never missed. He was his Dada's best'est buddy and we would read Bible stories and other stories every night,Like "Go Dog Go" and "Harry the Dirty Dog" but the most favorite was "The Diggingest Dog" and you dare not get one word wrong or try to skip a page. I mean we had that whole book memorized. That had to be some of this old Dads favorite memories of his little boy, and now he has another two to spoil,because that is what Papa's do. Happy Fathers Day Son. Love Dad