Sunday, June 8, 2008

WHO needs a vacation

We have been out of town for most of the weekend for Nicki's sister's wedding and believe it or not I did not take ANY pictures at the wedding. I was busy with two little boys and had a big time getting to play with Isaiah. Today we have been taking it easy our AC is not working so we had to stay close to home waiting for someone to come fix it and it ended up not being much so that is GREAT. We did have some outside fun (in the front yard away from the bugs)

Harrison has not been wanting to take baths lately so we were not too sure how a pool was going to go. After a few mins and after I got in too Harrison decided that he would play in the water too even thought he did not want to sit down in the water.

We also got his sand out this afternoon while Daddy was getting pool ready. Harrison LOVES to play and dump his sand so we got dirty before we cooled off in the pool. Harrison is napping now and we left the pool out so we can play again this evening.

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Anonymous said...

I've been waiting all weekend to see swimming pool pictures. I hoped you would post some today. Glad you AC is not a bad problem. I look forward to more pictures. On to VBS for me tonight. Mom