Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I had not planned on blogging today but have lots of pictures to share!

This picture is from Sunday I think, after Harrison woke up from his afternoon nap before going back outside I let him have a snack of a few gold fish while Curious George was on (his FAVORITE) once his bowl was empty he just sat it on his head and keep watching. I thought it was too cute so you know me I had to take a picture. I was in the chair next to him where I had been updated the blog about his pool so I happened to have a camera sitting with me, which one of my four cameras are always close but if I had gotten up he would have moved.

This morning I gave Harrison his cereal with milk on it, which was a first. He has shared with us but never had his own bowl, so we started with a small bowl. Sure there was some milk on the tray but he ate every bite with his spoon and did a really good job.

Harrison Really likes to draw, which you might remember the post about my laptop :) He does great staying on the paper and not writing on anything else, but let's hope crayons are really non-toxic because it always seems he thinks he needs to taste it. I keep meaning to pick up some color pencils they night be a little harder to eat.

Harrison got another haircut today and did the best he has ever done. He cried on the way back to the chair but once he got settled into his car he did fine. He even let us put the cape on him for a little bit which was a first but it did not last long as you can see in the pictures, so we just take an extra shirt to change into. As you can see in the far right picture he does not like the hair down his shirt maybe one day he will understand the cape will help with that.

Jake also got a little hair cut today and here are the boys riding home after getting their new does.


Jennifer Burgett said...

I love that Jake is sitting in the carseat with Harrison! How cute!!!

(I got my birthday card yesterday - thank you so much for thinking of me!)

Papa Parkhurst said...

Hair cuts aren't much fun it gets down your shirt like that,and your buddy Jake got his hair cut too.He is one cool dog, he will be your buddy for a long,long time I hope. What are you and Matthew going to do getting to live so close together? The two of you need to live close,cousins need to be close. We are sure going to miss him when they move up there,but it will be a good job for uncle Jeremy.Byby for now Papa

Jennifer Burgett said...

Ehat ever happened to Jake. . . . I never see pictures of him anymore!