Thursday, June 26, 2008


Isaiah is still very sick, so much sicker than he acts, as he is till playing and flirting with the nurses,listening to his music and wanting to talk on the phone. But He is very sick and Tim and Nicki have to make decisions that parents should not have to make, but they know that God's plan is bigger than ours and only He can turn things around for thier little boy. I ask that you continue to pray for comfort for Isaiah from Pain and for peace and comfort for his wonderful parents as well. Below are bits and pieces from yesterday's updates from Nicki (

From Isaiah's website -->
So we have some results. Not what we want to hear but here they are. Basically the guy reading the CT couldn't believe Isaiah was still functioning and conscious. He figured by looking at the CT he would basically be laying there. There is a lot of fluid in different spots. There is nothing neurosurgery can do to drain anything off of Isaiah's head. Isaiah has a very unique anatomy and that is also part of the problem with his head not all the spots of fluid connect to the next. Neurosurgery says to continue treatment with antibiotics and they still think he may get better. The PCCU docs want whatever Timmy and I want.

Dr. Kelly came in. He said that he would continue treatment with antibiotics at this time. He doesn't feel that we are yet at a point to pull him off of them. So that is where we are. I think everyone involved in Isaiah's case agrees that we should continue treatment with one additional drug and see what the cultures continues to show. If in a few days to a week there are not multiple negative cultures then we will have to look to see what to do then.

It is important for people to know Isaiah is stable for the moment and enjoying playing. He is laughing and blowing kisses. In the big picture that is really all that matters to us. We will update if we find anything else out today. I ask that you pray for God's will in this and that everyone be accepting of that. HE is cradling Isaiah and that is what makes this bearable.

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Is there anything I can do to help Nicki and Timmy?