Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More Pool

Not much going on right now. Harrison's new babysitter has been here the past couple of days so I could get some work done at the office. We go to church with here and she is very busy with camps and mission trips so she won't be back till the end of the month but she will give me a day or so a week when she is in town to go the office, I even got my hair cut today, which always seems so hard to do since I never know when John is going to be Home.

John's sister's husband has also joined the State Farm family and is going to be an agent up in the Louisville area so we are looking forward to that. He starts his training this summer and hopefully will be in his office the beginning of next year. Way to go Jeremy!!

I talked with Harrison's doctor again today about his sleeping, which I had planned on tacking next week but last night Harrison woke up at 1:00 and cried till 5:00 when I finally got him up for the day. He was only REALLY upset for about the first 45 mins of that time then just fussy so I left him in bed in hopes that he would fall back to sleep while checking on him every 15 or 20 mins. So, I went to the doctor's office today while the babysitter was here since phone calls don't seem to get me anywhere. The doctor called me a couple of hours later and after I asked about blood work (to check on low iron, and lupus type issues, since I have some issues :) ) asking about sleep studies, about how I feel is speech is delayed (which I feel could be due to a lack of sleep), about allergy screening, about not wanting to have hyperactivity issues due to lack of sleep etc, I think she realized that I was not going to take no for an answer this time. Even though she did not think he had any medical issues since sleep is the only problem he is having that she did not feel that blood work, and screening would be wroth doing (which I may have to bring back up :)) but she did give me a referral for a Sleep Specialist and a contact to have his speech checked. So we see the sleep doctor next week and should know something else about speech by the beginning of next week. I hope they don't find anything wrong but I would rather find it now if there is something and work on it rather than waiting a few more years when it will be harder to fix, so we are praying for answers and for healthy reports.

We have a big weekend planned so I am sure I will have lots to talk about this weekend and the beginning of next week.

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Anonymous said...

Well, it looks like he won't be afraid to jump in off of the side! Just needs a little more water. I hope you get pool time at the motel this weekend. Talk you later, maybe on our ride up to Cincinnati. By the way, you all need to be sure and take I71 and stay away from the I75-I64 split in Fayette county. Back ups going south(or east) is 10 miles. Mom

Carol said...

That pool is awesome! I need to get Evan one of those! I'm proud of you for not backing down! If we won't fight for our kids, who will? :-) Keep us posted!


Jennifer Burgett said...

I hope you find some answers about his sleeping and speech. I am sure he is a perfect boy though!

Papa & Nini said...

Well, That is my Daughter-in-law,don't stop till you get what you need, one has to fight the system and all of the BS they try to put you through but don't stop till you find out something.PLEASE keep us posted on what is going on.Now Harrison that is a pool my little Grandson, I have never seen anything that even came close to that one. I think it has everything on it all I can say is WOW oh WOW BOY what a pool. Maybe before the summer is over Papa and Nini can come up to see your pool and sand box. Love Papa and Nini