Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Silly boy

Harrison is still enjoying his new slide and it is still indoors due to the locus outside. Today we could not even go to the car from the garage without getting several landing on us.. GROSS! Jake does not want to go out to the bathroom either, so that is another mess today too. Anyway Harrison is getting creative with his slide finding new ways to go down. Harrison is also enjoying watching the bugs from inside. Our back yard is alive it is strange seeing them flying EVERYWHERE, the birds are even laying in the grass like they don't want to go up in the trees where they bugs are. Harrison does think it is fun to watch them even if he thinks he has to climb to see them. Here he is watching out the sunroom window.

videoSlide fun
videoBug fun


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Papa and Nini said...

Harrison; You are getting better all of the time on your slide. Those nasty old Locusts have been around a long,long time King Pharaoh had them all over the place and they did not have nice houses to get into to get away from them. Maybe Papa will read you the story about Moses and the locusts sometime.Your Dada liked that story when he was a little boy.You have the perfect place to watch those nasty old bugs from your window. I wish they would go away soon so you and Jake can go outside and play. love Papa