Monday, June 30, 2008

sleep study update

Harrison was suppose to have his sleep study preformed last night. But for the past 2 weeks he has been sleeping really well. In the past two weeks he as at least slept from 11pm to 5 am (he still is going to bed between 7-8). He also has been taking a 3 hour morning nap which we would rather be in the afternoon and will have to be in the afternoon if he wants to play at Mother's Day Out in the fall. But for Now we are going with the flow. Since he has been sleeping so well we have postponed the sleep study. He has gone a week or so before of sleeping really well then will go back to getting up 6, 8, 10 times a night, but this is the longest he was ever went sleeping. The Doctor was not too concerned about apnea so we are going to wait a little longer.

He also had his evaluation last week on his speech and he is behind in that area but everything else was way above what is "normal" for his age. He speech scored that of a 14 month old so he will be getting some speech in the coming weeks. That is all for now. He has his babysitter coming today so I can spend the day at the office. I am sure I will have more to update soon.

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Leslie said...

I hope everything turns out well with Harrison's sleep. I know that it can be so difficult and you and on your little man. Thanks for letting us play together last week. Hayden is still talking about, "you know mom, my new friend Harrison."