Thursday, June 5, 2008

Today's Fun

I had pulled Harrison pool AKA ball pit out of his room since Jake thought it was his job to eat the balls. I put the balls up and just stored the pool part in the dinning room for now, well Harrison found it today and pulled it into the living room and has played in it all day.

He would bring the toys into the pool to play
John wanted to show everyone how the bugs were around here, this is just the tree on the patio which he used the leaf blower over the weekend to blow all the bugs off so this is what has returned.


Jonathan & Rebekah McGehee said...

That is a cute pool. We need one for the back patio. Looks like a comfy place to take a nap too. =)

Papa said...

Harrison; Now that looks like a fun place to play in your ball pool.That was a good idea.Tell Daddy to look at his Emails,I am not sure those are locus/locust I think they are Cicada. That is just Papa's thinking