Sunday, June 1, 2008

Weekend fun!

We went through the car wash yesterday and Harrison did not like it AT ALL!!! He does not like loud noises so I was worried about the car wash since we had not been for a while. He started out by crying and wanting out of his seat then he put a Tag over his face until we pulled out. We put his music on and he started dancing a little but did not take tag off his face until he was sure it was over.

John brought Harrison a New slide home last week and yes it is in the house. The locus are EVERYWHERE outside so the slide is in the sunroom until the bugs go away. Harrison thinks his slide is so much fun. I had been looking for a slide at yard sales and have not found one but John get points at work for different things and everyone at the office had gotten goodies with these points so it was Harrison's turn.

Well we got Harrison's Truck out this afternoon and he figured out how to to drive it or at least how to push the the gas pedal. He was so proud of himself he has not figured out how to steer yet.



John put Jake into the truck and Harrison reached back to get the other helmet. At least he understands he has to have have a helmet on while he drives and rides in the truck.



Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got the slide. And it is not all primary colors either! I wondered how bad the locust were there since I saw them my last visit. I'm glad you had video of Harrison trying to Helmet up Jake. That is too cute. But driving?! He is growing too fast! Love, Mom

PAPA said...

Harrison; You are getting good at your driving your truck and making sure Jake has a helment on is being a good responsible driver.I wish I had a Tag for when I go through the car wash. I like your slide you have,it looks like you are very good at sliding down it head first.I don't like those old locust eather but it seems they come to stay for a long time and poor Jake they bother him too. We don't have any here at Papa and Nini's house so you get into your truck and come see us and bring Jake too. Thank you for the card you sent me, you are getting very good at your drawing. You tell your Mama and Dada I really like my Father's Day card and I play it several times a day and that your Papa is a big Red Neck. byby for now and I love you, Papa and Nini