Wednesday, July 30, 2008

back home

I have posted the pictures of Harrison from the farm on my other website you can view them at

We brought back lots of goodies with us today. We brought back some of the tomatoes and tomato juice that we put up while we were out of town, this was all I could get in the car :) We also brought home 2 batches of pepper jelly ( to go with cookies and breads for Christmas). On our way out of town we we dropped a bunch of broke green beans off at Dad's and he was going to can them tonight.

Along with homemade apple juice and apple sauce we also brought home sweet potato fries for Harrison that we did yesterday and froze and frozen peppers. Below are the fresh veggies we also brought back. Tomorrow I plan on making a couple batches of Salsa then some sour kraut later this week.


The Snell Family said...

Did you freeze the sweet potato fries? Don't forget some of us are still learning to be domestic goddesses!

Leslie said...

So - the big question....what type of product do you use on Harrison's "spike" to get it to stay? Poor Hayden has a sagging spike.
The pictures are BEAUTIFUL!