Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fun times at home

We did not go to see fireworks but John did bring a few Home. Harrison REALLY does not like loud noises so fireworks were not something that would go over too well. He thought they were ok, but not too great.
Harrison did think the popping things were fun.

Harrison thinks he has to do everything that Daddy does, My vacuum was not picking up so much and by the pile John pulled off the brushes I can see why but Harrison thought he was so big helping Daddy. Just a PS for anyone looking for a vacuum, I LOVE MY DYSON. In this house I only have one room with carpet and I still use my vacuum through out the whole house a couple times a week and it is scary what it gets, even with sweeping the tile, and wood floors at least once a day, GROSS!

Just a little outside fun this afternoon. In the first picture John has the water hose out, and I think Harrison is hiding.

Here are a couple of things that Harrison is really enjoying to play with, I thought I had another picture but maybe another day. He will bring all his stuff animals in the living room and watch TV or read a book to them. The truck was his Christmas gift from Isaiah last year and he thinks the screws and nails are just great. I think we may have to talk to Santa about a tool bench for Christmas.

Above Harrison is waiting for dinner to be ready but while he waited he colored his card for Isaiah for tomorrow. He tries to send Isaiah a card or gift every other day or so when he is in the hospital. Sometimes his Mommy and Daddy just don't make it to the post office that often.

Our yummy pizza! I Keep pizza crust and sauce around for times like this, John wanted leftovers but there was not enough for Harrison and me too so we had pizza. The first picture is without cheese to show all our goodies. Harrison's has fresh spinach, mushrooms, asparagus, and a little Italian sausage from the grill a day or so ago ( I may post that recipe later). I had what Harrison had plus mushrooms, and artichoke hearts, they were so yummy, as you can see belows. This super fast and if I have crust and sauce I just use what ever I have in the fridge for toppings.

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Anonymous said...

Loving the bibs!!!!!

We will have to get a matching picture soon. Cookout is going to be around the first of August it looks like!!!! HOpefully we see you guys sooner. Life will be fun around our house, but atleast we all go home together and get to love on one another.

Talk to you guys tomorrow. Glad you had a good weekend.