Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Getting ready for Bed

While we were out today we ran into a BIG sale at Pottery barn kids and we found lots of goodies we could not "Live :)" without. Anyway we got these fun mustaches from Halloween and we had fun with them this evening.

Harrison thought it was very funny when I put one on but it took a while before he got the nerve to put one on himself. and when Daddy came home to the fun, he had to join in too.

Where ever Harrison is Jake is sure to follow.


Leslie said...

Facial hair is a great look on you!
:) I can see how much fun Harrison was having.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how you get in so much fun and good food in one afternoon! And do everything else you do. I didn't leave till 2:30 and even with all the fun we had, I missed a lot after. Love you and I'll miss your blogs next week. I look forward to catching up. Love you, Mom