Saturday, July 26, 2008

Green Freak???

Ok, John has a new nickname for me, he likes to tease me but he means well, I think!

John Has decided I am a green freak but this quiz says I am just 68% Green so maybe I am not too freaky? How Knows. When he tells them this I tell him yeah I try to make some small changes to help our health and the planet that our children and grandchildren have to leave on for years to come. I also tell him, to remember I still drive my SUV, still run the AC, still paint my nails, still drink my Coke (even though I do try to go to McDonald's instead of my favorite place Sonic since I can recycle my cup from McDonald's, this might be one reason he calls me a green freak, you think. So I have made several changes around our home in the few months with our health and the health of the world around us in mind.

So I thought I would share a few things we are doing with you so you can see how freaky we are :)

I am composting our yard waste and kitchen scraps (remember no meat) for my flowers and garden next year. John does not like the compost bowl on the counter but it gets emptied at least once a day and it does have a lid :)

I recycle everything I can and lucky we just changed trash companies in town so we can recycle lot and and lots more than we used to. Last week we even had more recycling than trash which was neat. I am a little freaky when I clean the office since I take the cans and bottle from teh top of the trash to recycle. Did you know that every recycled can uses 97% less energy to make than one made from all new materials. And every can you recycle saves 6oz of gas, with gas at $4 a gallon that mounts up.

I am getting better about taking totes with me when I go shopping. I think it helps that I have several now so I can stop at target and the grocery and use all my own bags. Once I got in the habit I feel guilty when I forget and have to get a plastic one, that takes over 1000 to decompose in a landfill, and the paper that I thought was better really is not much better. And so much more fit in these and they are so easy to carry since I can put them over my shoulder to carry which comes in handy with a little guy. I also do most of my grocery shopping at the store here in town and we just walk over so the big bags help there too.

I am trying to unplug things like the coffeepot, phone charges, and items on my counter top when we are not using them. Did you know they pull power even when you are not using them? so you can help the Air we breath and your electric bill in the process. We also have "the funny bulbs" where we can.

My cleaning products are some of the aspects that really is starting to worry me and as I need new stuff I am finding nontoxic ones. Did you know you are not suppose to throw unused cleaning products since they are consider hazardous materials. They contain chemicals that are linked to asthma and cancer. One fact that hit home that they are getting into our bodies is that these chemicals are now being found in the bloodstreams of newborns and in mother's milk. So as I need new stuff I am trying to find nontoxic items that work and to me the smell is very important. I still have to use my bleach every once in a while :)

The first picture is all products for wood, they are Method brand and smell WONDERFUL. The wipes on the right I have been using for years and the future and floor cleaners are new and I LOVE THEM.

The picture on the right are all purpose cleaners (the pink and purple) and the blue bottle is for windows. I really like the all purpose cleaners but prefer the purple one only because it smells better. These are all Method too, which I like because they don't stink which I have found with some products.

The left pictures is hand soap and dish soap, and I have not used the dish soap yet, still have a little of my old left. the right picture is daily shower spray and tile cleaner which I really like both of them and they smell really clean.

I have found a dishwasher soap that I like it does a really good job but needs some help in the smell category. The brand is Seventh Generation.
I am also try to get all our fruits and veggies organic and locally grown when I can. And we are doing less and less processed foods but that is a whole other topic, maybe another day.

Maybe I will post other green tips later here is a website with some simple tips too


Leslie said...

I also LOVE the method products. I used Melaluca products for about 2 years and then the price just got too high, but I have found that the method products work just as well. Of course my mamaw would die if she knew I bought cleaners because vinegar and water clean everything....right?

Jonathan & Rebekah McGehee said...

keep sending all the helpful hints. I'm interested.