Sunday, July 27, 2008

Just another 24 hours in our World...

What a cute boy, no real story about these pictures they were just too cute not to share and then I could not decide which ones to post so I put several on here. These were taken last night about 10:30, yes PM When Harrison and John got home Harrison was still going strong. However tonight he was ready to crash at 7:00 his normal bedtime is between 7:30 and 8:00 so between the boys night out last night and Bible school he has been up late every night.

Last night John and Harrison went to the demolition derby at the county fair. I sent the camera with John in hopes I would get a picture of Harrison enjoying the cars, or the rides (watching only :) ) but this is all that I got, it was also really dark and this is the lightest I can get it, and we don't know who this kid is. Anyway John said Harrison was scared at first which we expected since he does not like loud noises. But after Daddy showed him to clap when the cars hit he began having a big time.
Below is a quick shot of Harrison with his VBS goodies from the week. However he still did not want to go to Sunday School this morning I guess he missed all the fun decorations. He was fine until we walked int he front door and the big pink bird was not there waiting for him to stop and visit and talk to like he did every night at VBS. We had our family event tonight for VBS but Harrison did not last too long so I did not get any pictures.

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