Sunday, July 20, 2008

Matthew's Birthday

I can't believe our nephew is already years old and will be starting school this fall. Matthew was born 12 days after John and I got married and we Love him dearly. We are so glad that we get to spend special days like these with him. We are also so excited that they will be moving much much closer to us in just a few months. His Dad actually starts his internship with State Farm tomorrow. So while the next few months he will have to be away from home training it will be a great move for them and we know he will do a great job. Now if John and Jeremy will keep it a friendly competition we will all be happy.

Yesterday there was a birthday party for Nicki so to to get ready for it we went and visited several Amish families in the area to pick up some great fresh veggies. Below is that I came home with minus three quarts of blackberries that I went ahead and froze at Nicki's so they would be easier to bring home but I went off and forgot them. I will get them next time, don't worry.

I posted earlier this morning too so keep scrolling down for more fun with Isaiah!

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Anonymous said...

What was John humoring the kids with....I know his hand wasn't that interesting!!!!

We had a blast this weekend. Trying to work everything out for this weekend.