Saturday, July 26, 2008

No one else is home what is a Mom to do...

Well, John and Harrison when to the county fair...more later on that. I had all sorts of plans for my evening at home. What all could I get done at home alone for a few hours? I planned on cleaning out cabinets, cleaning Harrison's room, working on bathrooms, work in the yard, clean up my craft room, do some embroidering. But after a day of going going going, I did not want to any of that. Since in the past almost two years, I can't remember doing nothing for a couple of hours by myself I thought I would take a shower, paint my nails, watch some TV and do some blogging instead of the long list of things that needed to be done. I did clean the kitchen, water the flowers, and mop Harrison's room first since it is almost impossible to do that with a little boy at home.

We have finished our week of VBS and have a family event tomorrow night so I may have more to update after that. We had a good week and Harrison had lots of fun. I have all his goodies, from the week on the counter to get a picture of them with his crafts etc so when I do that I will post that as well. For the past couple of months every time we pull into the parking lot at church Harrison starts crying and saying no. As soon as I drop the screaming child off and he can no longer see me he stops ( I mean in less than a min.) and plays. So I was hoping that VBS would get him in the habit of church and the last night he did not want to leave so we will see tomorrow if he still feels the same.

After leading Bibles schools for years I do find it hard to not be the one in charge. I see issues before they happen and try to bite my tongue since it really is not my place to speak up, but I really enjoyed teaching the first graders this week, and I even got to climb up in the attic and get down some of my old teaching stuff to use for the week. I enjoyed getting back in the saddle so to speak but the week also reminded me of something else too.

Even though VBS only lasts 3 hours a night for a week, it has reminded me how lucky I am to have a husband who sees the importance of me being home with Harrison. My health was so poor when I was teaching in part due to being in contact with so many kiddos with a weak immune system but mainy due to the stress to my body of being on my feet and going non stop. Doctors even thought I should teach older children so I did not have to get up and down so much and would not have to worry about carrying students from time to time. My answer was always not too nice with at comment.

Sure I go all day at home but is different. As the week went on the weaker my body felt. I remember doing the same thing last year during Bible school so other than touching children's lives, following God's word in bringing others to him, meeting new people, seeing Harrison learn to love church and not crying when we pull into the parking lot, I have been reminded how lucky I am to have such a hard working husband that makes it possible for me to be home with Harrison and that makes me a much better wife and mother since I am not sick all the time.

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