Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Some fun times.

Harrison and I have been at my parents for a couple days helping Grandpa in the garden and getting some goodies canned and froze for the winter, which I will post more about later but I thought I would post a couple pictures from Yesterday before we head back home. We tried to get the creek again but with all the rain the creek was too high and moving too fast to put Harrison close to it so we just got home farm pictures instead. Maybe the next time we can make it to the creek.

Becki, Wame, and Samuel came to Dad's while we were canning and we spent some time in the garden as well and the boys had fun playing together. We all had pizza together and had a big time. After lunch Harrison and Samuel found a cooler full of melting ice and thought it was great fun to taste the cold water and playing in the cold cold water, they were so cute.

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