Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fun with Isaiah

We were going to Cousin Matthew's party today and since John had work and things he had to do at church he could not leave until this afternoon so Harrison and I went a little early to visit with Isaiah since he is home now. They had lots of fun. We just got in from being out on the farm with the horses, cows, donkeys etc. I am sure I will have more to update after the party this afternoon.

The boys had fun at the Park too, we went first thing in the morning before it got so hot.

After Isaiah had his Pedisure Harrison got to finish up the last couple of oz. As you can tell Harrison is not used to having open bottles by himself. But after his first drink or so he got Isaiah Feeding tube and poured some in the tube and handed it in the tube for him. At least he knew what to do with it. Then after he was done he started cleaning it up.

Needless to say the boys had a great visit and Nicki and I enjoyed getting to have some girl talk time too, I am not so sure that Timmy was as happy to have Nicki and I together since we give him such a hard time. John is just glad we were here and not at home with him :)

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