Sunday, July 13, 2008

Weekend fun

We had our annual big fish fry Saturday which is a big deal to my Dad and we had lots fun. Cousin Samuel was there and Harrison and Samuel had so much fun playing together. We were sitting by two apple trees and they packed apples for hours. Piling them off, putting in buckets and bowls, passing them out to everyone else there, and they had lots of fun throwing the apples everywhere.

Wame was given lots and lots of apples....

and of course we had lots and lots and lots of yummy food.

Then today we headed to Dad's to play with the animals and to go to the garden. We had also planned on going to the creek for fun and lots of pictures but it rained all morning so getting goodies out of the garden and playing with a few chickens was all we could handle in the rain.

We got potatoes...and lots of other goodies tool Harrison really liked picking the green tomatoes.

Harrison thought it was fun washing everything off too. Below is a shot of the goodies we brought home with us, can't wait to use them all up.

We also found a few sunflowers and Queen's Anne Lace while we were at Grandpa's which look really good with a few from our yard.

We did have a few of our garden goodies for dinner tonight along with some summer sausage also from Grandpa.

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Anonymous said...

SOunds like a fun weekend!!!! GUess what Harrison we get to go home tomorrow as long as Isaiah is good tonight.

I will call you guys on our way home tomorrow. It will be a busy day getting all of the IV antibiotic stuff together. Wish we were just going to the zoo!!!!!