Friday, August 8, 2008

Another Fun Day

We had such a pretty day today after John's meeting he took off the rest of the afternoon and we headed to the zoo and we got to see all kinds of new stuff. It seems that even though we go so often that we always see something different and that was true today too.

The giraffes where insides due to cleaning in their yard so we got to get really close and got to see how BIG they really are. They seem so much bigger when you can see that we could walk under their tummy without ducking.

We also happened to be walking by the new tiger exhibit at training/feeding time. Again we go to see how big they really are. Harrison really liked seeing the "big kitty".

Here are a couple more things that Harrison is enjoying these days. In the picture of the couch if you look close, you may even have to enlarge it you will see two little feet peeking out of the pillows. Harrison thinks it is great fun to "Hide" he is so funny. The picture on the right is what he does while I am cooking we usually start with play dough then move to the letters, he is putting them on a mini muffin pan, he will put a letter on each cup then take them all off and repeat.
Another thing he has started this week is that he has learned how to unlock the dead bolt lock along with the lock on the door knob. Yesterday I thought I heard the door and looked around the corner and he was walking out to the patio with John's sandals on, I guess he at least knew he needed shoes on to go outside. I told him he could not go out side by himself. then a little later while I was cooking I thought I heard the outside again and looked and he had the other door open with his little people lined up in the mulch, but he was inside. I guess I am going to have to start being more specific.
One more funny story I don't want to forget. Yesterday while I was putting his clothes up in his room Harrison pulled all is stuffed animals out of their bin and arranged them on the floor then got his blanket and his "tag" used one of the animals as a pillow laid down, covered up, closed his eyes and began acting like he was snoring. I don't know where he learned this trick but it was pretty cute and he thought it was so funny. As you can tell he has a big personality for such a little guy.
I have had some people asked for more Green tips so here are a few more website for Green Living Tips, from the Green Freak :)

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