Sunday, August 17, 2008

Boys will be Boys

There is no doubt that Harrison is nothing but boy and how much fun it must be to be a boy! Harrison is in love with Hot Wheels and Thomas the Train right now. and he will play for hours with them and we have to take some everywhere we go. So we have a little lunch box that we have to fill up when we leave he plays with them in the care then when we get to where ever we are going. He takes them to bed with him, eats with one on his highchair, you get get the picture, they go everywhere Harrison goes.

Harrison also thinks that playing in the water hose is GREAT fun and loves to help water the flowers. When he is done his teeth are chattering and his diaper weighs about 7 pounds but he has so much fun. We are so glad that he is having fund in the water. He hated his bath for ever and WILL NOT hear of taking a shower so tonight before we came in he had a shower outside.

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