Friday, August 29, 2008

Busy day...

This morning Harrison had a dentist appointment and all looked good. He did better than last time but still was not loving being there. The Dentist said his teeth looked good and the reflux was not effecting his teeth at this point, which a concern of mine. He has two of his 2 year molars and we are waiting for two more. I thought he was cutting them a couple months ago so I guess I was right. After spending most of the day at the office, we headed to get Harrison's hair cut. He did so well. I usually cries the whole time but he went right up to the chair and never cried. Well almost, since he was doing so good we thought we would try the cape, he let us put it on him but the decided that was not cool, so off came the cape, we always take a clean shirt for this reason. Now we are getting ready to head off to Nini and Papa's for the night and to see cousin Matthew's first soccer game tomorrow. I will report more later.

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