Friday, August 15, 2008

Not much going on...

Not much going on there this week. Both of John's team members at the office have been out all week for training so that means I have been there helping out all week. The week actually went better than I thought for the two of us working together all day everyday without anyone else around. Anyway I don't have much to report, I did get some new pans from John this week and as I unpacked them Harrison thought they were so much fun. They were the best drum set he had every seen.
Harrison started his speech therapy this week and he worked really well with is therapist. He has been trying some different sounds lately but still not any new words to speak of. At this point about all he says that most of you would be able to understand him saying is Mama, Dada, Chase (for Jake), kitty, juice, bye bye, Paw Paw, Thomas (he is in love with Thomas and all trains are Thomas), Curious (for Curious George). He has lots of motor sounds for his cars and trains, he also tries thank you, but he is beginning to try to repeat letter sounds if we make a game out of it but that is about it for now.

We plan on going to the State fair this weekend to see all the animals so I am sure I will have a post after that. We have a busy week next week, company, Mother's Day Out open house, speech, dentist appt etc. so busy busy busy.

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