Monday, August 25, 2008

Not to Happy about Starting back at Mother's Day Out!

Today was Harrison's First day back at Mother's Day Out. He was not to happy about it as you can tell. Last year he went two days a week from 9:30 -2:30 and this this year he is signed up to go three days but the third day is just in case John needs me. After the first couple of weeks I plan on just sending him two days but this way we have a little flexibility. I go to the office while he is at "school" that way hopefully I help John out some as well.

I am however planning on sending him all three days the first few weeks just to help him get used to going and hoping to get to keep Tuesdays for a stay at home day to get some things caught up. You know embroidery, scrap booking (which I have done zero of since Harrison was born), cleaning the cabinets out, cleaning windows, and baseboards, get some yard work done that never seems to get done with little man running around, the list goes on and on. I am sure I won't get near as much done as I would like but at least some is better than none. Harrison cried all during Open House last week so I did not even attempt to take my camera this morning these were taken when we were getting ready to go. I will try to get some tomorrow when I pick him up at school. He screamed and cried, and yelled like never before this morning. Usually it does not bother me but this morning I was in tears leaving, I know he will be fine as soon as I leave but this morning was really bad.

He was happy when I picked him up and playing with cars and had to show me everything and had to hug all his teachers good bye before we left. So he had fun after all. This class does not have cribs so they have to take their naps on mats on the floor which John and I were worried about. Harrison will NOT go to sleep anywhere other than a bed or pack n play. He will NOT go to sleep with ANYONE in the room or let you hold him. but they said he did fine.

Harrison is the oldest in his class this year which I am glad of they had thought about putting him in the next class up since he has an October birthday but I was hoping they would put him in the younger class since these are the kids he will be in school with and he won't have to stay in a class for two years later to get back in line for school. However it may not help much with the speech but that will come in time as well.


Anonymous said...

Poor little buddy.......

Harrison you make nickisssss sad crying like that.

Maybe Wed will be better :)

Jenn said...

Aww, I'm sorry that it was such a tough morning for you both. I'm sure as a mom it is hard to watch your little boy so upset. I hope it gets better for you both!