Thursday, August 21, 2008

Our busy fun week!!

Nicki and Isaiah have been here since Monday and left this afternoon. Isaiah's Daddy had training out of town so they came to visit with us. We had all kinds of fun as usual. Nicki and I canned, the boys played. We went to the zoo, out to eat at the Cheese Cake Factory for Nicki's birthday, went shopping, went to a great consignment sale where we found all kinds of goodies for little boys. Harrison also had his open house for Mother's Day Out this week so we got to meet his teachers and are looking forward to starting next week.

In the picture above, the boys scooted across the the living room like this the other night, It was about the cutest thing ever. I wish we could have gotten to a video camera but no such luck but they were so cute scooting across the floor on their little bottoms together like a train.

Below if it looks like Harrison is running from the gorilla he is. The BIG gorilla came running after Harrison at the zoo mouth open and banging on the glass. Don't think we will be visiting him for a while. It really scared Harrison and he is not an easy scare.
This morning the boys had a big time with Harrison's musical instruments. With the Bible songs in the background along with their music we said it sounded like a parade.

Harrison had fun playing in his "tent" today with all his cars. He found a bag a hot wheels at the consignment sale this week so he has had lots of fun with them.
We have lines of "parked" cars and trains everywhere we look. But he has so much fun and it is so fun to watch him play and pretend with them.

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Papa Parkhurst said...

Harrison; Papa wishes he could be there to play cars and trucks with you. That is one of my favorite games, I love playing and pretending to build towns and shopping malls what fun. I love you and miss you very much. Please don't grow up to soon so we can have lots of fun playing together. Love Papa