Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We have entered the world or Thomas... Thomas the Train that is!

We have entered the World of Thomas and it all started with Harrison went o play with Hayden and Trent a couple of months ago. Before then he had no idea who Thomas was and after the day of playing with Thomas he goes crazy every time see a Thomas, And at this point all trains are Thomas, even though if you ask him who the different character are he always gets it right.

Below is a cute little lunch box, and for those of you that know me know that anything with a character on it is a big step in our house. I DO NOT LIKE ANYTHING WITH A CHARACTER ON IT!!!!! But we are at TJ MAXX the other day and I saw this tin lunch box and thought it would be cute to put some trains in for his birthday. I thought I could sneak by and drop it in the cart with out little eyes seeing it but he spotted from about 30 feet a way and had to have it. So it is with all the other toys, so much for waiting for birthday, I am such a softy.

Above are the few trains that Harrison has to play with now, they go EVERYWHERE Harrison goes. But he knows he can't play with Thomas with Paci since Thomas if for big boys so it is a lot easier to get the paci in the morning and after naps. He runs in screaming THOMAS then remembers no paci if you play with Thomas then he goes and throws the paci in the bed.

above on the left is the track Harrison will be getting for his birthday, it is not Thomas but we got it free through State Farm at it fits with The Thomas tracks and trains so we think that is just GREAT. Above right are goodies I found this past week at consignment sales to save for Christmas and birthday. Below is the order of goodies we got this week to hold on to for Santa and Grandpa. TRAINS TRAINS TRAINS... He better LOVE Thomas for a LONG time. :)

Looks like more of our "baby toys" will be heading up to the attic or off to find a new home. The Last picture is a spare closet that I keep toys in so we can switch them out every couple of weeks. John makes great fun of my "system" and "labels" on everything. I guess old habits are hard to break. From my time as a teacher and preschool/children's minister has trained me beyond repair!

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